Viva Las Vegas!

After several attempts at this post I have decided to keep it short and sweet.
I have just returned from an AMAZING trip to Las Vegas. The purpose of the trip? To attend the WPPI conference and trade show, shoot ‘behind the scenes’ pics on a couple of shoots and have a little fun along the way. Partners in crime? Lisa Devlin, Nikki De Lemos, Kat Williams and David McNeil. Thank you all for the BEST time.
So here are my highlights and then I’ll let the photos speak…

·      Cucumber cocktails at the roof top bar of the Shangri-La, Santa Monica at sunset
·      Road trip to Vegas inc. Mad Greek, dead donkey, lying in the road, Parump and it’s plethora of firework shops, signs for tortoises, donkeys, bulls and mountain sheep crossing! and a 90 year old woman dressed in a statue of liberty outfit stood at the side of the road
·      Lisa’s shoot with the lovely Jose and Danielle in the desert (Joshua trees, tumble weeds and mountains) and fearing for our lives due to an altercation with drunken hillbillies
·      Video poker
·      Jasmine Star
·      Dancing like loons with loads of other photographers dancing like loons at Airplanes and Blazers (Planet Hollywood)
·      The Hard Rock Hotel (and our suite in the Tower!)
·      “Dry like toast”
·      Shawn the terrible waiter who dropped and forgot everything
·      The wonderful people at The Knot who not only gave us free g&t’s and tuna tartare but also introduced me to new buddies Cat (Next Exit), Jen and all their LA photographer friends
·      David and Lisa’s shoot with Kat (Rock n Roll Bride), Gala Darling and Nubby Twiglet in ghost town Nelson and the superb use of the smoke bombs we hunted down in Parump
·      Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in fake Paris

There's so much more I could say but I’ll leave it here otherwise there will be no stopping me.

Thanks again guys, Vegas ROCKED!!


  1. Fantastic post, Amy! Loooove all of the photos, they're so gorgeous! So glad we got to meet you & I hope we'll get to see you again fairly soon!

  2. Thankyou lovely, it was super to meet you guys! Very much looking forward to the next time :)