Borrego Springs Desert

This weekend I went to Borrego Springs which is in the Anza-Borrego National Park in California. It's the biggest desert in this state. I took a ton of pics and am working my way through picking some out for a blogpost, but in the meantime here is my favourite...


  1. It's like you're a painter with a camera...which causes some problems for my own personal aesthetic theories about photography.

    This one's really evocative and I've looked through some of the others...there are some that strike me as gorgeous abstract pieces.

    Maybe I haven't paid enough attention to photography in general.

    I'm a fan now.

  2. Happy to have converted you!

  3. Well...I'm glad you're happy but it's caused a bit of philosophical dilemma for me. :)

    The photo from May 10th (on the FB page) knocked me down.

    I'd actually like to ponder it on my own blog but I don't want to snatch any images without permission.

  4. Fine by me so long as you credit me :)

  5. Thank you ma'am... But I'm gonna tell everybody I painted it. :)

    Proper credit will be given of course.