My Day in Circles

People forget that photographers actually spend most of their time in front of the computer glued to Photoshop or the Internet or their inbox! Most photographers have their office at home making it easy to get cabin fever, googly eyes or dare I say it - a little bit bored. 
I was thinking about this the other day and decided to record a particularly monotonous day start to finish through Instagram on my phone, the theory being - if you can't go out and shoot, shoot what's right in front of you. I actually had fun doing it and what transpired at the end of the day was that I'd collected lots of photos of circles. I picked my favourites and put them into a montage for you see...


  1. I see at least one square in your circles.

  2. It occurred to me later that my comment may not translate...and rather than being a very slightly humorous pun, may have come of as pedantic.

    A square in these parts, is slang for a cigarette.

  3. Haha very good! I wouldn't have got that ;)