My Best Bits of 2013...

1. Moving to LA! 2. Road Rallying to the Grand Canyon 3. Holidaying in Tulum, Mexico 4. Photographing Real Estate in the Hollywood Hills 5. Shooting the fab work of Design Vidal 6. Reigniting my love of sketching (and the Breaking Bad finale, of course) 7. Capturing Laura & Joao's Vegas wedding 8. Photographing the super lovely Leslie Hunt for her new interior design website 9. Shooting headshots for the wonderful Vae


  1. I must have missed the sketching post. Very curious about that. I could admire those without the philosophical, turning to psychological, problems I sometimes have with photography. :)

    The last wedding pictures were perfect.

  2. Thanks Erik! If you're interested, I'll email you some of my sketches? I never blogged about them!