Hello Ojai

Last weekend me and the bf took a little trip to Ojai to celebrate his birthday. It was exactly what I'd heard and imagined... peace and quiet, stunning views, lots of wine and great food. We stayed at the Ojai Rancho Inn, which was awesome. It's superbly located on the edge of town with a lovely pool, and rooms delightfully decked out like little cabins. We had top meals at Azu, Sea Fresh and Suzanne's Cuisine, and bagged ourselves some ace books at the amazing outdoor 'Bart's Books'.

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  1. An outdoor bookstore is an insanity I can't even contemplate.

    The air is so wet around here...I can't even think of a bookstore that keeps it's doors open. This summer, on the Gulf Coast we came across a bookstore in Apalachicola that was in a smallish industrial garage. She just rolled the big door open every morning. Every book in the place looked like it had been hit with a firehose at some point in it's existence.

    I'd like to see that.