August was an exciting time for my family, my sister gave birth to a baby boy! It was pretty hard being all the way over here in Cali while that was happening so I jumped on a plane in September and zoomed over to meet my new nephew, Charlie. It was a wonderful trip, and not only did I get to hang out with the new squidge but I also spent some quality time with my sis, visited my parents in their new abode, caught up with lots of friends and took a trip to Brighton (where I was living before I moved to LA). Here are a few pics from my time back home…


  1. That is a good lookin' family...of course.

    I bet it was nice to go home for a while too.

  2. Of course Erik! Yeah it was nice to be back for a little bit, especially to meet my new nephew, and catch Autumn rolling in! Hope you're well :)