My bf had a rare week off work at the beginning of this month and I had few days with no shoots booked too, so as it coincided with Ski season we decided to head up to one of our favourite spots in California, Mammoth Mountain! (We actually went there for the first time this time last year, blogpost on that here.) It seems we timed it just right, there had been a fresh dump of snow and everyone who had been up there for the weekend had gone by the time we arrived on Monday night! I'm still not a great skier (this was only my third time) but I'm getting more confident each time we go - and I'm not so scared of the chairlifts anymore!! And whilst it's true that there are places to ski much closer to LA (Big Bear, Mountain High etc), Mammoth is far bigger AND quieter and therefore totally worth the drive, plus the views of Sierra Nevada en route are spectacular (last 4 pics of this post are from the road).

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