- Christmas at Lake Tahoe -

I'm back! It's been a while hasn't it. Last year kindof got away from me in the end! Work was busy busy busy and I let maintaining the blog slip down the priority list a little. Well it's 2016 and I'm enthusiastic to keep this little blog going - more than anything it's just a nice way for me to keep a visual diary. I'm going to kick off this year with a few pics from our winter vacation to Lake Tahoe! Pretty early on in the year we decided we would stay in the US for the festive period rather than travel back to the UK and a bunch of our ex-pat friends decided to do the same - and noone took much convincing to spend it together somewhere snowy! We initially looked into Big Bear or Mammoth but couldn't find a cabin big enough for our 10 adult/3 kid posse, so we searched further afield and found this amazing cabin in Lake Tahoe, it was PERFECT! We skied, ate, drank, played pool, ate some more, drank some more and basically had a merry old time. I would do it again in a heart-beat, I really am a total sucker for snow and a cabin with an open fire (and an excuse to load up on carbs!).
*Disclaimer: These photos are mostly of trees!*

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