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Valentine's Day is preluded with weeks of talk online about what to buy and where to go - but all that just ain't me, J gets me flowers every year and I buy him a card but that's really as far as we go with 'celebrating' V Day, neither of us are really enamored with the forced nature of it all. Another factor may be that J's birthday is a week before Valentine's and our anniversary (7 years this year!) is at the end of Feb, so the month is pretty celebratory for us already! Anyway, I realized that love is a concept that crops up in interiors from time-to-time so I've trawled through my archives of past shoots and pulled out my favourite love-inspired decor moments to motivate you to bring love into your home for a year-round loved-up feel instead of just one day! I've also included some links to pieces you can buy to make it happen...

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